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I was born on November 20-th, 1971 in the town of Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria.

In 1978 I started my education in the primary school "P.R.Slaveikov". On the sixth year of my education, in 1983 the first personal computer appeared in my town. It was called "Pravec-82", cloning of the world's famous "Apple-][". I found that very interesting, and I joined a course of studying the BASIC.

In the year 1985 I continued to study analogy electronic by my own. In 1986 in signed in Secondary Technical School of Electronics "A.S.Popov". I studied there specialty of Electronic Equipment and profile of Electronic Computer Engineering. There I begin to study Pascal and Assembler language for R6502 and i8088/86. During that time I took point in many competitions on mathematics and computer science, where I've won a lot of prizes. In 1990 I graduated that school with excellent diploma, defending the thesis: E-PROM programmer controller for Apple-][, which included hardware part and software part - BASIC/ASM6502.

In 1991 I passed the examinations in the University of Veliko Turnovo "St. St. Kiril and Methodius", speciality Mathematics and Computer Science. During my education in the university I participated in many hardware and software projects, such as: game terminal based on popular home computer, cheap input sound device connected to parallel port, 3D graphics engine, etc.

During first year I emphazied in studying of assembler language for x86 and especially protected mode of 386 and up for DOS platform. I have achievements writing a device drivers, resident programs and primitive DOS Extender.

Meanwhile I was experienced with C/C++ and especially OOP using Borland Turbo C/C++ environment for DOS, and later well-known Watcom C/C++ and DJGPP.

I've take a part in projects including program working in a network and using IPX/SPX protocols and serial line.

Together with the representation of Windows 95 I started learning win32 API functions using free compiler Lcc-win32. I have some experience with Visual C, Borland C and Borland C Builder.

After third year I quit for about two years, as during this time I worked in a computer assembling and selling company.

In the year 1997 I continue my education in the university, as I extended my knowledge in the field of mathematics and computer science.

At the same time Internet become very popular and I started to learn TCP/IP protocols. My first touches were in DOS with Wattcp library. Later I continued with Win32 Winsock/Winsock-2. One of the projects that I.m working on is NChat Linux version is under development.

I have experience in using SMTP/POP3 protocols and HTTP also.

Great interest to me in last few years is Web Design and Web Development. First I began with learning HTML. After that I continued with Java and especially Java Script trying to make better the outlook of few web sites that I've created.

I have experience as a teacher of Internet basics in secondary school.

Together with the representation of new Internet technologies I began to use server site scripts, as Perl and especially PHP3 with database mSQL or MySQL.

One of the most interesting projects was database editor based on PHP3 and free SQL server. As a web server for Windows I used MS Personal Web Server and Apache for Win32 with PHP3/mSQL/MySQL for Win32.

Recently I'm very interested in MS IIS and especially ASP. Unfortunately I don't have much experience in that field, but I have desire and skill to learn everything in short terms.